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An exciting new partnership between Remove Recycle Remarket and MI-UCP, benefitting the disability community of Michigan through vehicle donation.  



It’s that easy to make a difference!

Whether a car, a boat, an RV, or other, the money received for your vehicle will directly support programs and services such as Ramps For Independence, Benefits Counseling, Advocacy, Assistive Technology, and more.

Visit to see all the ways they support the community.

1. You contact Wheels-4-UCP about a vehicle you’d like to donate. 

Fill out the form on the homepage of this site with some basic information - the type of vehicle, make, model, year, and condition. We can accept almost any vehicle regardless of condition. So, please, don’t


2. Schedule a pick up time. 

The trustworthy team at RRR will schedule a time to pick up of the vehicle, often within 24 hours

3. Get a NADA Private Seller Value Tax Deduction

The specialists at RRR will evaluate and sell your vehicle through their trusted partners and outlets, either as a whole or in parts. This process will take between 2-4 weeks to ensure vehicles are sold for the best possible price. Upon final sale, we will provide you with a NADA Value tax-deductible receipt for the donation.

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A statewide non-profit organization that’s been improving the lives of people with disabilities for the past 75 years. Their mission is to enable all Michiganders with disabilities the ability to live to the best of their abilities and ambitions.


A family-run, Michigan-based specialist in asset liquidation and recycling, working with Fortune 500 companies, the Detroit Public Schools, Wayne State University and more, with a strong commitment to responsible recycling and to the benefit of the community.

Have a vehicle you don’t know what to do with?

We have a team ready to come get it.

Have a vehicle that might only be good for parts?

We have experts ready to strip it.

Have a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible?

We have families ready to take it!

So make the call today and turn your old car or motorcycle or boat or RV or whatever it is

into closing the disability divide.


• What if my vehicle doesn't run?

No problem. We will pick it up. 

• What if I don't have the title?

RRR will work with you to expedite the title process. Often we are able to remedy title issues within a day.

• Is there any cost to me?


• How big is my tax receipt?

This is based on a NADA Valuation which RRR will handle for you.


• What is a NADA Value?


Most lenders use the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) book to determine the value of the vehicle. This allows them to input various options that could increase the value of the car.

• Do I need to be home for the pick up?

No need to be home if title and ownership docs are pre-qualified.

• Does my vehicle need to be wheelchair accessible or made for those with disabiltiies?

No. We will take any vehicle and donate the proceeds of its sale (in whole or parts) to MI-UCP. 

• What if I have a wheelchair accessible vehicle?

If it's running, MI-UCP has a list of families and individuals looking for just that! If not, RRR and MI-UCP will do all they can to maximize its value to help.

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